Getting Creative With Apps

I posted this on Facebook and Instagram and had several people inquiring about how I did it, so I thought I’d post about it and maybe inspire someone to get creative.

First I used the app ‘Moment Cam’. Take your time creating your avatar. One tip is to make sure you have good lighting when capturing your photo or else you’ll get too many shadows. The main thing to getting a good likeness of you is to edit it properly by changing the shape of your face as needed and playing around with hair and accessories. When you are done with that, you are ready to put yourself into different scenarios. Go ahead and play with it. You can go to ‘create’ to personalize it even further and you can add your own background at this point if you’d like. Once you are ready you can go ahead and save it to your phone.

I then use another app ‘Pixaloop’ to add movement. They have different overlays that you can use, like I did above with the butterflies. Or you can add separate fun elements that they have for you to choose from. Or you can choose ‘animate’ to make different parts of your actual photo move like I did with the clouds below. You pick the direction you want the movement to go and then ‘freeze’ whatever you don’t want to move.

Have fun and please share with me your creations!!! 😀 

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