I’d like to introduce you to Cheryl Lamoureux Ledden. I met Cheryl back in 1997. She was a nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital working on the oncology floor where my mother was often hospitalized during her fight with the cancer that eventually claimed her life later that same year. Her then boyfriend Patrick, (now husband) was my mom’s doctor. 🙂 They have since left the hospital setting to start their own company,  Nova Medical , where they continue the healing mission by designing coils for MRI’s.

Cheryl was slow to warm up to the idea of being photographed.  One of the issues I face with many women is that they don’t believe they can do it. They compare themselves to the other women I have photographed and somehow come up short in their own minds. They fear that they won’t know how to pose and so their photos won’t be any good.  The fact is that I don’t work with professional models, it’s up to me to pose the women I photograph and to get the right expression and connection from them so that their own inner beauty comes out.

I have each of the ladies come in to the shoot ‘fresh faced’ and we take a ‘before’ photo showing their every day, natural beauty. I like doing this in order to make it more relatable to the average woman out there. It’s ok if you’re not a model, every single woman is beautiful in her own way. We don’t even need makeup and fancy clothes to make us beautiful, but it’s so much fun, so why not?

So then we play dress up and glamorize things a little bit… exactly how much is up to the individual and the purpose of the photograph.



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