I met Tina online quite a few years ago, we had a few friends and many areas of life in common. We have since have had the opportunity to get together several times in person and it’s as if we had been part of each other’s lives all along. Tina lives in Connecticut but is … More Tina


I’d like to introduce you to Cheryl Lamoureux Ledden. I met Cheryl back in 1997. She was a nurse at Mt. Auburn Hospital working on the oncology floor where my mother was often hospitalized during her fight with the cancer that eventually claimed her life later that same year. Her then boyfriend Patrick, (now husband) … More Cheryl

Legacy Ladies

I’d like to introduce you to the face of my brand. I call them my Legacy Ladies, they are all as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. I feel very honored to be able to call each one of them my friend and my sister. In the weeks to come I … More Legacy Ladies

All About ME!!!

A few tid bits just for fun. If you could live anywhere, where would it be?¬†I actually like New ¬†England, we have a variety of seasons, I like living by the coast, etc. However, I think I might enjoy living somewhere a little warmer for a little while (especially on days like today), but I’d … More All About ME!!!